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Born to Paint

Fine Art, the only Human Creation comparable to the beauty, magnificence, and wonder of life itself.

Deborah Argyropoulos - Biography

Deborah Argyropoulos was born in Baltimore, Maryland, and as far back as she can remember, being an Artist was was her dream job and how she defined herself as a person. Raised in a home that put a tremendous importance on traditional educational and career ambitions, her desire to follow the road less traveled was not always supported. Ms. Argyropoulos attended the University of Maryland instead of art school, and decided this compromise would be her last in regard to following her dream, and after graduating with a degree in Fine Arts, she relocated to California and began what evolved into a successful career that has never slowed in its upward trajectory. Ms. Argyropoulos is more then a talented painter, she is well known for her ability to magically combine different art categories and media into works of fine art that are exquisitely beautiful. Prior to her success mixing media, she used her artistic prowess to earn accolades and recognition as a successful and sought out photographer, silversmith, and printmaker. Prior to her decision to exclusively focus on painting, she also proved herself as a self taught and well received fashion designer; her company Seven Slade enjoyed great success, and was pivotal in supplying the necessary business skills, funds, and exposure to a large and active community of art collectors, aficionados, and potential clientele. The stars had aligned, and Ms. Argyropoulos used these elements combined with current clients and supporters of her work as a Painter/Fine Artist she established mostly by recommendation, word of mouth, and some showings; and to a lesser extent her existing Rolodex built from her other artistic pursuits; were the definitive sign, her true love painting, would from now on be her only career.  Deborah Argyropoulos possesses limitless talent and is the rare individual capable of sharing her thoughts, ideas, and emotions using a visual form as her voice. Since that time she has been blessed to share her voice, and a mind for art, invention, reinvention, and creating beautiful works for all to enjoy!


Deborah Argyropoulos spent two successful and creative decades exclusively working in Venice, California. Tasked with opening a second studio, she chose Austin, Texas as the destination in 2010. Austin proved an amazing choice, and she decided to spend the majority of her time there in 2011, and currently spends up to eight months a year enjoying everything This great city has to offer, and painting of course in her home and commercial studios located close to town.

Deborah Argyropoulos - Biography