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Deborah Argyropoulos - Biography

Deborah Argyropoulos has always known creativity would play an important role in her life, and once she discovered painting, life as a professional painter and artist was inevitable. Producing fine art remains her passion, what defines her, and the job of her dreams. Born in Baltimore, Maryland, she was raised in a home where tremendous importance was placed on the pursuit of traditional education and career paths. An art career was considered too unpredictable to make it a career choice worth promoting. After high school, at her Parents urging, Ms. Argyropoulos skipped art school, and instead attended the University of Maryland. After graduating with a degree in Fine Arts, she decided her passion and doing whatever it takes to follow it would never be denied her again. Shortly after graduation from College she relocated to California and began what has evolved into a successful career as an artist with an upward trajectory that has yet to slow. Ms. Argyropoulos is more then a talented painter, she is well known for her ability to magically combine different art styles and media into works of fine art of exquisite beauty. Her art career has moved in many directions, and although painting has always been a constant, her artistic prowess earned her accolades in photography, silversmithing, and printmaking as well. In another example of her multifaceted creative ability, during the last five years prior to making the decision to exclusively focus on painting, on a whim she turned an interest in fashion design, into a boutique clothing line that enjoyed great success. Ms. Argyropoulos credits this venture for providing the business skills, marketing experience, and access to an active community of art collectors, aficionados, and potential clientele that enabled her to move to the next level as a painter and allow her to pursue her career as a painter full time. 

Deborah Argyropoulos spent two successful and creative decades exclusively working in Venice, California. Tasked with opening a second studio, she chose Austin, Texas as the destination in 2010. Austin has proven an amazing choice, and since 2011 has spent the majority of her time working there. Ms. Argyropoulos currently spends up to eight months a year enjoying Austin, and everything it has to offer. She paints at her home and commercial studios located close to town.

Deborah Argyropoulos - Biography